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Written and Directed by:
Laura Zaylea

Photos by:
Jinny Hawkins

Aliza M. Cole-Brooks (lead) -
Vespa Tsang (lead) -
Jamie Linnen (lead) -
Tanisa Loveland (supporting) -
Bill (supporting) -
Hart (supporting) -
Reggie (supporting) -
Bryan (supporting) -
PhilanCoffee Announcer (supporting) -
Darnell Whitfield (townsperson) -
"Big Mike" Peterson (townsperson) -
Mama Haddie Casselbury (townsperson) -
Pops J. Casselbury (townsperson) -
Little Creggory Jokes -
Little Dolly Christian -
Mr. Andy Christian -
Mrs. Kathy Christian -
Priestess Yolanda P -
Mrs. Nanci White -
Mr. Frankie White -

Director of Photography:
Ly Bolia

Laura Zaylea

Sound Recording:
Jennifer Zaylea

Yvette D. Bennett
Laura Zaylea

Line Producer:
Lauren Sanders

Production Assistants:

Social Media Intern:
Francine Lawson

Copyright and Music Rights:

Special thanks:
Dump truck rental

Funding and support:
Atlanta International Film Festival
Georgia State University

Special thanks to our kickstarter supporters!
Carmen V. Rodriguez
Rod Rodriguez
Carol Hendricks
Tracy Forbes
Jennifer Zaylea