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Back cover:

Closer Than Rust is a multimedia novel about three queer women in a small, Southern town. Well, two of the three are women, anyway - one's a bit more fluid in they gender. And two of the three are queer - one's "heteroflexible" at best. And this town ain't what you think it might be, so put your stereotypes aside.

Back to our queer women - who ain't all queer and ain't all women - well, one's Black, one's white and one everyone calls "China doll" but this just drives her batty 'cause she's Vietnamese American. And if you wanna know more about this or that or the other, you best stop readin' this blurb, darlin', and pick up the novel itself.

And know this: It's online so you just gotta read and click. And watch and listen. And make choices - 'cause our queer women who ain't all queer and ain't all women are each trying to make their dreams come true. And what you choose is gonna determine what you know about their stories and what you don't... and what happens and what don't.

So, what are you waiting for, Little Chicken, pick up your device, type in the URL and get some fire sauce in your getty-up. Turn your horse up to a gallop. Start readin'!

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